Become more independent in the use of energy by with intelligent technology

To be completely self-sustaining, and independent of a utility company, you need to utilize a natural and environmentally friendly source of power such as the sun. Our Off Grid Solar solutions are customized to suit your specific load requirements and priority of operation. These solutions provide the best alternative source of energy to residential and other small energy consumers where grid reliability is less and an uninterrupted source of energy is required.

To begin your energy independence today, and have confidence knowing that you are secure and prepared in case of a power outage, talk with our professional manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and installer of off-grid solar systems.

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  • You can rely on our support from planning to commissioning system.
  • You can expand or change your system on a modular basis at any time
  • Power generation doesn’t produce any toxic waste
  • Government provide various types of subsidies in several state