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We offers an imaginative ultimate solution for you to increase simple and reasonable access to solar energy with our solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA with we implies that you will quickly begin saving money on your electricity service bills without investing a solitary dollar in buying the solar system.

we offers an innovative solution for you to get easy and affordable access to solar energy with our solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What is power purchase agreement (PPA)?

A power purchase agreement is a popular free solar proposition that offers credible companies long term financial and accounting eco benefits. It involves two parties with one business generating the solar energy and the other purchasing business purchasing it. A Solar Project PPA also satisfies companies that prefer to use external investors to leverage the benefits of solar energy whilst they reinvest their own funds into core business activities

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  • PPAs are a long-term hedge against the risk of fluctuating energy prices.
  • Locking in long-term energy deals creates an opportunity for future profit.
  • PPAs are one of the fastest ways to reach sustainability goals and add new renewable energy to the grid.
  • Minimal risk to the agency