Solar solution over parking garages have developed as an imaginative solution for some business enterprise, hospitals, retail stores etc, to go solar power plant in India. In many shopping malls and retail stores which have open parking garages without any shades or security, solar parking can be a decent approach to shield the auto from the sun and deliver some power. An interesting perspective is that you are giving insurance to the auto beneath as well as creating perfect and free electricity power from sun. This Solar Power can be utilized for the building or even as a charging port for electric autos which are getting prominent now a days.

In the nation like India Adequate measure of sunshine is consistently. Solar panels for solar parking would be a proficient approach to utilize and new parking garage, and furthermore delivering power during peak hours.

reduce your electricity from solar panel system

Incentivizing commercial and industrial establishments to put up Solar Panel Manufacturer over their parking lots would be a good way for the government to achieve part of its rooftop solar targets. we hold the proficiency in providing a wide range of solar panels for parking lots.