Supply of electricity power is very unpredictable in many parts of India. Because of expanded scheduled and un-planned power cuts in the greater part of the urban areas in India, enthusiasm for utilizing power produced through exchange sources has additionally expanded. Be that as it may, high capital cost of setting up systems to tap solar energy through inexhaustible sources is obstacle in taking up vast scale organizations of the same. To promote advance electricity power generation through solar energy government of India propelled Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in January 2010.

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As part of this mission the Government has initiated a subsidy scheme to help individuals and organizations procure these Solar Energy Systems at reduced capital costs.

This scheme is being implemented by IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.) through NABARD (National Agriculture Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development.) The scheme that was last modified on 15th March 2012 provides 40% subsidy on capital costs of Solar PV Systems for units located in both urban and rural areas in India.

 The GEDA solar rooftop policy by the Gujarat government is one of the best by any states in the country.

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