We are well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels used for generating electricity. Polycrystalline solar panels also known as multicrystalline solar panels are the most popular solar panels because they are often least expensive. They are the middle choice of the market. They are as good as single cell monocrystalline silicon panels but generally they are better and efficient then thin film solar panels.

Poly solar panels can be effectively perceived by obvious visible grain, a “metal drop impact” and have deep dark blue color shading. The solar cells are by and large square fit as a fiddle, and may have a surface that looks to some degree like a mosaic. That is a result of all the distinctive precious stones that make up the module.

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How polycrystalline solar cells are made?

The polycrystalline solar panels are not much expensive. It is also made from silicon.The main difference is liquid silicon is filled a thrown as opposed to being made into a solitary gem. This material can be combined effectively by enabling fluid silicon to cool utilizing a seed precious stone of the desired crystal structure.

Also, other different strategies for crystallizing amorphous silicon to form polysilicon exist, for example, high temperature chemical vapor affidavit. In this process, silicon pieces are melted in a ceramic crucible and then formed in a graphite mold to form an ingot.As the molten silicon is cooling a seed gem of the coveted gem structure is acquainted with encourage arrangement. Although molding and using multiple silicon cells requires less silicon and reduces the manufacturing costs, it also reduces the efficiency of the solar panels.

Benefits of Polycrystalline Solar Panels


They are very sturdy and durable specifically at least 30 years. Polycrystalline solar panel modules could put solar power under the control of individuals who couldn’t afford the cost of the polycrystalline cells.

Lower Electric Bills

Any solar systems installed will obviously help to lower down the electricity bills and same way there is no vast difference in the efficiency of mono solar panel and poly solar panel. You can get the best possible efficiency by availing our range of the poly solar panel manufacturer and installation service.

Reliable cost

The quickest advantage to buying solar panels and installing them in the house is the cost. Solar energy is considerably more cost productive than electricity power, and however the underlying expense of the boards may appear to be overwhelming at in the first place, purchasers find that they spare more after some time and it is a beneficial speculation.


The best benefit of going solar is the fact that it is eco-friendly and green energy. Consumers who power their house using solar panels are using a natural source for their home’s energy, and there are no downsides or harmful effects, such as there are with fossil fuels. There are no gasses going into the air, and no toxic chemicals are being released when consumers use solar panels.